Kikkoman Juicy Bird Project Sweeps

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Enter Kikkoman Juicy Bird Project and you’ll be in the running to win the grand prize drawing of $10,000!  You could also instantly win one of 4,600 other great prizes — prizes include 100 cookbooks, 100 aprons, 200 coupons good for any Kikkoman product, 700 shirts, 200 silicon basting brushes, 200 spoon rests, 2,200 cutting boards or 900 rice paddles.  You can play once a day through December 31st!  Good Luck!



  1. Sandra York says

    When clicking on the enter link, nothing happens ….

    • Hi, Sandra! Enter at which point? The first time you play, you should be made to register – fill out all your contact info. (it will not let you move forward if any of the info is missing or the capatcha code is wrong) Then, you’ll click “play game”. It’ll bring up a wheel that you will spin to find out if you are a winner. If you are already registered, then you’ll enter your email address and it should recognize you and allow you to proceed with the game. I tested it in all 3 browsers and seems to be working fine for me. You might try switching browsers and see if that help any. I hope you’ll be able to play! Good luck!

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