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Here’s a brand new rewards program!  Sign up for Nerf Perks Rapid Fire Rewards and earn points on all your Nerf purchases that you can then redeem for even more Nerf gear!  You’ll get 100 points just for signing up!



  1. cathy colgan says

    u would be doing me a huge favor because i am alone and disabled and have 8 grandchildren…4 of each. i know 1 is very into nerf guns. thank you for this hance…god bless

  2. I want a nerf gun

  3. I want nerf hyperfier

  4. What is this about

  5. Hi

  6. Anjie Wilson says

    I would like to sign up. I also have over 4000 Nerf perk points I would like to redeem? What do I do?

  7. How does this program work i love nerf

  8. Please my son loves nerf and he loves it so much plz for bless

  9. I want the nerf gun because I love them a lot please give me one nerf gun

  10. Wayne gofredo says

    I want a nerf modulus longstrike.

  11. I need a nerf gun plssss

  12. Very good

  13. I want nerf ECS 10 blaster

  14. This app is amazing

  15. Dwayne Martin says

    I want nerf rival hades xviii-6000 and nerf accustrike quadrant

  16. Dwayne Martin says

    I wan also nerf bluetooth round speaker

  17. I want a Nerf gun please I love them

  18. Dwayne Martin says

    And one nerf rival artemis blue fory sister

  19. I want a Nerf gun

  20. How do you sign up

  21. im 12 an i deen a good nerf gun

  22. jayden francis says

    i ment i need a good gun

  23. Sujoy Kumar Devnath says

    I need nerf modulus gun

  24. Please can I get a nerf gun from fortnite the pum shot gun or at least any nerf thanks

  25. can i please get a elite nerf gun

  26. i want a Nerf Trilogy DS-15 N-Strike Elite

  27. Souhardya Sahani says

    I am from India and need a free nerf elite infinus for reviewing it in youtube chanel

  28. Armaan Aggarwal says

    Plz give me a nerf elite titan cs 50. I love it alot very nice blaster want to play with it

  29. It’s Nerf or noting

  30. Hello guys I am a newcomer to this place or whatever so I am still a noob so yeah

  31. Please give need elite

  32. I love Nerf guns

  33. PLEASE can I have a rival Nerf gun because I barely have any.

  34. I just love rival guns:)

  35. Please give one Ak47 nerf gun.

  36. Patrick Mcginnis says

    Sign me up for nerf perks

  37. k.p.jaswanth says

    please sign in me I have to join nerf perks

  38. k.p.jaswanth says

    I have to join nerf perks

  39. I really really really wanted the fortnite Nerf pistol

  40. Aline Storm Hvidt says

    The link (Nerf Perks Rapid Fire Rewards) doesn’t work!! Can u help pls?

  41. Nerf or nothing this is why I love nerf guns

  42. Nerf guns are my childhood

  43. Sniper refile plzzzz

  44. i want nerf halo ma40

  45. Nerf is the coolest thing me and my family have gun fights all the time and love it

  46. I want Nerf hyperfire

  47. I want a Nerf gun which is rotofury

  48. Hi I want free nerf guns

  49. pls tell me how to get nerf gun

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