My Coke Rewards – Cinco De Mayo Bonus – Double Points on Coke 12-packs

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This is now LIVE!  And guess what!?  BOTH promotions are working together!  That means when you enter a 12pk Coca-cola code, you get 20 points…follow it with a mission UPC (073731082027) and get 10 more points!  That’s a WHOPPING 30 points per code!  I couldn’t more more excited!  (Remember, the mission bonus is limited to 5 per day.)

On Cinco De Mayo (5/5), My Coke Rewards is celebrating by giving DOUBLE points on their 12-pack Coca-cola product codes!

Offer Overview:
Earn Double Points on all brand Coca-Cola fridge pack (12-pk) codes during promotional timeframe.

Eligible Products:
All brand Coca-Cola fridge packs (12-pks)

When Points will be Awarded:
Accounts will be credited instantly after code entry.

Additional Information:
There is no limit to # of times a member can earn the offer during the promotional timeframe. Weekly code limits apply to base points only. Bonus Points awarded do not count toward weekly code limits.

So start putting those codes aside now and save them for May 5th!  I’ll remind you to enter them that day!

Also, don’t forget about the other Bonus Points Opportunity going on – I’m not sure if you can do BOTH of them together on the 5th, but I’ll be happy to test it out and let you know!


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