Changes coming to Pampers Rewards on June 19th!

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Just wanted to give you a heads up that Pampers is getting ready to give you a new rewards experience!  Here’s what you need to know:

  • Reward code submissions and catalog redemptions will be temporarily disabled for one week starting June 8th.  (You can still submit before and after this downtime.)
  • They will have a new and improved mobile and web experience.
  • Points balances will transfer and you’ll still be able to earn points on your purchases as well as bonus points for downloading and trying the new App.
  • New and exciting items will be added to the rewards catalog.
  • The biggest change will be the ending of the Pampers Grow On Program.  If you have any Grow On Gifts in your account,  you will need to claim them by June 7th.


  1. Lydia ward says

    My points did not transfer over?

  2. My points did not transfer either. I had over 6,000 points! I feel robbed. I hope this gets corrected.

  3. Mine did not either i hope it gets corrected as well as that would be a total waste!!

  4. I had over 5000 points and they also didn’t transfer them

  5. My points didn’t transfer either!

  6. My points have not transferred either… I lost a LOT of points.

  7. Brandy v says

    My points did not transfer I have been saving them for years and had over 10,000

  8. Ashley C says

    Same- I just went to add another and saw mine that was almost 6000 are gone completely. Is/was there a way to still transfer?? I had no idea the app was switching over

  9. Jennifer says

    Hello Ladies, like you my points didn’t transfer over. I just called customer service (1-800-726-7377) today, 6/15/21. I had to navigate through the phone options till I was able to get a customer service representative. He was able to access my account and see the rewards I had and was able to convert them to their new cash system. I had 5,000 something in rewards which converted into $29 and some change. Doesn’t sound as impressive as the 5,000 in rewards I know. He said they tried to get everyone’s but they are noticing a lot that didn’t convert for some reason. Point being it can be done you just need to contact them. You may be able to email them too, but I called so I’m not sure. Either way I would reach out to them sooner rather than later. Hope that helps, Good Luck!

  10. Fallon Stillman says

    My points did not transfer over either.

  11. Devon McIlvaine-Springer says

    My points also did not transfer—we had close to 10,000 points.

  12. My points also did not transfer back over, had anyone gotten their points back? Or a response from pampers in regards to this matter?

  13. Yes I followed what Jennifer recommended from up above (calling them) and got a Pampers cash adjustment.

  14. 7/1/21 I just called the phone number mentioned in the comments above. The representative was super friendly and was able to locate my 10,000 points using my email addresss. She converted them into $52 pampers cash. So give them a call. It’s worth a shot instead of losing all those points we worked so hard to collect.

  15. you can go to their website and chat with them pnline (i hate doing phone calls). it was pretty fast! just tell them to transfer your points to cash.

  16. Becky Hellenbrand says

    My point are gone. So frustrated I have been saying for three years

  17. Jamie Toner says

    My points didn’t transfer either, but I called 1-800-726-7377 today, and a very nice gentleman said that a lot of individuals’ rewards didn’t transfer like they were supposed to. He converted my 7500+ rewards to roughly $38 in pampers cash. My balance updated immediately. Hope this helps!

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