Did you know you can track your packages without a tracking number?

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Did you know that you can track packages that might be headed to your door without a tracking number?  Even ones you might not know about!  So many of us participate in product tests and freebies that are shipped to us, but sometimes we never know to look for them because the shipper never sends us a tracking number.  Granted, surprises are nice, but it’s fun to know you have a package on the way too and anticipate or plan for it’s arrival.  (Like for instance, you are going to be gone…you would hate to think that it could sit out in the elements.)  Both UPS and FedEX offer a service that allows you to sign up and be alerted when a package is headed your way!  It’s free to sign up and be notified when a package is coming to your home!  (Though some portions of the service are fee based IF you opt to use them.)


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