Shutterfly – Free 8×8 Photobook thru 3/27

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GREAT NEWS!  I just got an email and this has been extended 1 more day!!  

Check out this deal!  From now until March 26th 27th, Shutterfly is giving you a free 8×8 Photobook!  (Or a discount off a larger one if you would prefer.)  You will have to pay any applicable taxes and shipping (which I believe is in the ballpark of $7.99), but that’s still a great buy!  These books are my FAVORITE.  Last year alone, I made 13 of them!  They are the perfect gifts!  Each year, I make my nieces and nephews a book for their birthdays (instead of clothes that they outgrow or toys they become bored with) and it’s the gift that they truly enjoy forever!  They already know they are getting them and are usually making sure I’m working on it in the weeks leading up to their birthdays.  They also make great brag books for grandparents too!


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