Pinnacle Foods Visa Rewards Rebate Offer

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Make note of this rebate offer!  Through June 30th, purchase 5 participating Pinnacle Foods products (Bernstein’s, Birds Eye, Duncan Hines, Earth Balance, EVOL, Gardein, Log Cabin, Mrs. Butterworth’s, Mrs. Paul’s, Smart Balance, Udi’s, Vlasic, Van De Kamp’s, Western and Wishbone) and submit your receipt(s) to receive a $5 Visa Rewards Virtual Account!  And you can do this up to 4 times per household!  Head over here for all the details and to submit your receipt.



  1. I have submitted 2 separate times with qualifying brands. Request was refused and they have not responded to any contacts.

  2. Lol… This is the way some companies do their offers. What was the reason for refusal?

  3. I have had the same thing and no response from them as well. I have one pending.

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