Nielsen National Consumer HomeScan Panel

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HomeScan NCP

As some of you know, I enjoy sharing my opinion!  I think doing so can only make the products of tomorrow better!  I am a member of Nielsen National Consumer HomeScan Panel – it’s a little different than some panels – when I scan my purchases, usually after a few weeks, I’ll get a survey asking for my opinion on a product that I purchased.  I really like that!  I already know that I qualify for the survey – there is no concern about getting into the survey and then being disqualified.  (which is so frustrating!) And you get points for the purchases you scan and the surveys, that you can then redeem for great rewards.  Not only that, but from time to time, I get goodies in the mail from them just for being a member.  Granted, it’s not for everyone because it does take a little time to scan purchases, but I personally found that it was relatively easy to work into my routine and scan as I was putting my groceries away.  I encourage you to check it out!


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