Old Orchard Fan Club – New Survey Available!

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Old orchard
Attention Old Orchard Fan Club members!  There’s a new survey available that will earn you 500 points!  This survey likely only has a limited amount of responses being accepted, so be sure to log in and take it as soon as you can!

If you’re not a member, consider signing up!  You’ll get 1,000 points just for doing so, elect to receive all their email alerts to earn 300 more, and then take the survey for 500!  That will earn you 1,800 points and a FREE can of Old Orchard frozen juice concentrate is only 1,900 points!  Play games or participate in their other activities to earn 100 more.  Or you can save up your points for some of their other options…t-shirts, sports equipment, lip balm, lunch coolers, and more!


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