MyCokeRewards – Diet Coke 12pk Double Points Days

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This is going on now!

MyCokeRewards is at it again!  From May 27th through May 31st, you’ll get DOUBLE points on Diet Coke 12-packs!  Here’s the specifics:

•Dates:  5/27-5/31

•Offer Overview:  Earn Double Points on all Diet Coke Fridge Packs (12-pks) during promotional timeframe.

•Eligible Products:
All Diet Coke Fridge Packs (12-pks)
Diet Coke Fridge Pack
Caffeine Free Diet Coke Fridge Pack
Diet Cherry Coke Fridge Pack
Diet Coke w/Splenda Fridge Pack
Diet Coke w/Lime Fridge Pack

•When Points will be Awarded:  Accounts will be credited instantly after code entry.

•Additional Information:   There is no limit to # of times a member can earn the offer during promotional timeframe. Weekly code limits apply to base points only. Bonus Points awarded do not count toward weekly code limits.

So hang on to those codes until then!  I’ll remind you when this goes live!


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