Secret Clinical Strength Loyalty Reward Program

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I love it when a company rewards you for being a loyal customer!  Check out this great program from Secret – when you buy 4 Secret Clinical Strength Deodorants/Antiperspirants, save your receipts and UPCs and send them in with the form provided.  In return you’ll get a coupon for a FREE one!



  1. cathie enosara says

    How to sign up for loyalty reward program?

    • No actual sign-up is required. It’s more like a rebate. Just complete the form and send in receipts or UPCs for 4 of them and you’ll get back a coupon for a free one.

  2. I sent away with the sheet provided and my three saved receipts over 4 months ago, like the instructions stated on the website to do back then.
    I have my three saved up again and was getting address on website to send away again and maybe see if there’s a status update for the one already sent- noticed they added must have UPC codes as well or is this in addition to the receipts or is it one or the other?! Also instead of three proof of purchases we must now have four? Wow, stingy company asking us dedicated,struggling ,middle class, customers to jump through hoops in order to just catch a break and get a coupon. While they are making millions off of us at 8 bucks a pop for a stick of deodorant. Nice.

    • Hi, Caitie!

      The UPCs have been required from the very beginning of this program. (As you can see, this post is dated 4/11/2013 and I have noted it in the description above.) It has also always been 4 as the requirement. If you have any questions you could always contact P&G. There is a “Contact Us” link at the bottom of the offer page:

  3. Nancy Thornton says

    Is this still active? I submitted my form and sent with UPCs but haven’t received anything. Normally I get a confirming email that the coupon is on its way.

    • I don’t honestly know. It doesn’t say anything about it on the page anymore! And I was so close to submitting myself! 🙁

  4. I sent away a submission at end of January 2018 and no response either; no email acknowledging the submission either. I sent email to them today requesting status update.

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