P&G Holiday Beauty Mail-in Rebate

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Stock up on all your beauty needs from P&G this holiday season and get $15 back by mail! From now through December 31st, when you buy $50 worth of P&G Beauty products (Pantene, Secret, Venus, Ivory, Olay Skin, Olay Body, or Safeguard), you’ll get a $15 Visa prepaid card back when you submit this rebate! Simply fill out the form, write down the UPCs, and include your receipt to claim this rebate! Please note, your $50 total must be after coupons/discounts are applied. See link for complete details.



  1. Carol Webb says

    I was denied rebate after I met all requirements. I bought more of the items than was even required. Why?

    • You’ll need to reach out to them to find out why. I’m not affiliated with them and have no hand in the offer.

  2. Carol Gasho says

    I too was denied as I had used coupons and did not see that caveat before submitting. I HATE being penalized for using coupons, P&G coupons at that.

    • I was also denied a rebate after sending in the receipts and all the correct info. They stink. I have problems with rebates in the past. It takes forever for them to send a notice that you don’t qualify. I have even spoken to them on the phone. Last time they denied me because I forgot to put my birthday down.When it was corrected it still took many weeks to get the card. CVS also is at fault as they put the rebate in there flyers late😡

  3. I also was denied. Everyone I know that participated was denied. WHAT A SCAM!!

  4. Patricia OKeefe says

    I was denied as well!

  5. I received an email with denial notice too.

    My email says:

    “The coupon(s) and/or discount(s) used reduced the purchase amount to less than the minimum required.”

    1. I did not use coupon(s)
    2. I did get employee discount

    Even with the employee discount, I still paid over $60 for my items.

  6. That is exactly what the card said they said to me. I am sending them a letter i composed telling them what I think. Looks like they did the same thing to numerous customers. I even sent in extra receipts as CVS printed the rebate in there flyer a little late. I spend alot of money on olay. What cheapskates.😡

  7. I put a letter in the mail today in response to the card I received stating I dif not qualify. What a bunch of BS. I sent them four upc codes from boxes I saved just in case this happened. These products totaled well over 100.00. I have no idea who processes these rebates, but don’t think they are to bright. Hope they finally send my 15.00 card.

  8. Does the total need to equal $50 before or after tax. I’m aware of the coupons and discounts

  9. Kathie Tune says

    I never received a rebate or a denial letter. I do not like not being able to ask why? Does anyone have an address where I can write to them?
    If this is how P&G operates, then I want nothing to do with their products.

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