Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Litter Try Me Free Rebate

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Have you checked out the new Arm & Hammer Cloud Control Breathe Easy Clumping Litter yet? Here’s an opportunity to if you haven’t! Try it out with their Try Me Free Rebate! Head over here for all the details and to get your rebate form. It’s valid through December 31st, 2020! (Please note, do not use any coupons/offers if you are going to submit the rebate!!)



  1. Tried this rebate, its from InmarRebates. They are a 3rd party whos business is not giving rebates. Im returning product and wont ever bother with arm and hammer again. Look at past reviews, its not the first tim AH went with this company for promotions.

  2. Joni Nygard says

    I had the same experience Totally worthless offer

  3. Christine says

    Me to no luck! Really a bunch of bs that such a reputable company would do something so purely

  4. Christine says

    Sorry follow the link above and it works

  5. Worthless! Disgraceful for Arm and Hammer and WalMart, where purchase was made. You would expect these companies to be above this type of fraudulent offer.

  6. Elaine Balaguer says

    Worked perfectly fine for me. I submitted the proper docs and received the rebate in a reasonable amount of time.

  7. Dee Huss says

    It works perfectly fine when you look up the arm and hammer site – but if you follow directions on the rebate form it does take you to the site which states they do not take the Code off the label. You have to get upset and go to the Arm and Hammer site to find it here. Most people follow directions….

  8. I did receive a rebate. It took a little time but it worked. Can’t say the same for the cat litter. Supposed to be clumping litter. It clumped the poop but the pee made the litter soggy & stinky. I won’t buy it again.

  9. Dianne Veitch says This is the correct link to get the rebate. I just got mine. The address on the sticker is incorrect

  10. Rebate arrived months later, but did arrive. Can’t say much for product – except expensive. will cotinue to use regular Arm & Hammer litter on sale.

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