Sam’s Club Membership – Renew or Join and Get a $25 Gift Card (when you share)

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Sam's Club
Through January 31st, Sam’s Club is giving a $20 gift card to new and existing members who join Sam’s Club or renew their existing membership!  Even better, if you share the offer on Facebook, you will receive an additional $5 for a total gift card value of $25!



  1. Lauralee Hensley says

    Thanks for this info. Showed it to my husband. Going to let him decide. We’d let our membership lapse, so we’ll talk it over and decide if we need to renew. We really did this to get our dog food at more reasonable prices, yet both of our dogs passed away this year. We are not going to be getting any more pets. Too painful when they pass away, couldn’t afford pet insurance for their health care costs and then health care was very expensive for both of them and they still passed on. Our big dog had to be put down, and our little min pin, well he died on Sunday, the day before we were going to put him down, since nothing was working to make him better. So, our biggest regular purchase at Sam’s club is no longer. Granted I did like getting my dishwasher detergent there and our trash bags there. We really don’t purchase much else there as coupons are not allowed to be used there. Have bought beans and rice in bulk there before, but still have a lot, so don’t know if I want to currently purchase more. Yet, I’ll share this because some people might find this works well for them.

  2. Betty McCombs says

    I tried to select the Facebook icon to share, but the webpage would not let me. Technical glitch so I can’t get $5 bonus?!

    • I just tested it and it’s working fine now. They might have fixed whatever issue they were having. You might try it again.

  3. I just tried to follow both links and got Error 403: Access Denied. Not sure what is going on as I would love to use this if it is still good considering I just renewed my Sam’s membership today January 21st.

    • It appears they have ended the deal early. That sometimes happens when it becomes in a higher demand than they anticipated. Sorry! 🙁

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