I Can Read Book Club – Get 2 Free Books! (Pay just $1 for Shipping!)

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If you’ve got a kiddo just learning to read, you’ll want to check out the I Can Read Book Club with this extra-special offer — get 2 Free Books when you pay just $1 shipping and handling!  (50¢ per book is quite a deal!)

I Can Read Books offer a unique numbered reading level system with full-color stories with short and simple sentences…perfect for children at the very first stages of learning to read!

I’m thinking this would be a great way to get and keep a child excited about reading!



  1. I need to know how much the book club is by the month

    • When you fill out the first page and move on to page 2, click the membership agreement and make sure you click to read it in full…it spells all the pricing out there! You cancel at anytime though…so if you only want the first month’s offer, just be sure to mark on your calendar to cancel. Hope that helps!

  2. Micholas Boyd says

    I’m trying to cancel my subscription

  3. I have been trying to cancel my subscription for 2 days that was made by my minor 15 year old daughter and I cannot get ahold of a live speaking person to cancel this subscription anyone have any advice I already emailed them also, it’s getting really aggravating

  4. Patricia
    Go to http://www.harpercollins.com
    Ph# is 212-207-7000 ask receptionist for i can read dept
    I just canceled my subscription now

  5. I would like to cancel my subscription. How do I do this?? Any help would be appreciated

  6. Patricia,

    These people are absolutely ridiculous!

    I got charged $27 for no reason…I just cancelled mine! I called- 1-888-965-8737

  7. I need to know how to cancel my subscription due to becoming homeless and losing everything I owned. Im so sorry. I guess sometimes in life things just happen and we do not know why but we have to learn to accept it. Again I apologize for having to cancel. Thank You..

  8. Natalie Bocanegra says

    I want to unsubscribe from monthly payments

  9. Why is everyone unsubscribing is it that expensive

  10. I need to cancel the club

  11. I’ve tried to cancel but the number it shows doesn’t work.

  12. How do I order

  13. Jessica Daugherty says

    They will change your card more then what they say and you dont even get the books🙄 horrible staff also!!!

  14. They will charge you $27 per month after the promotional 2 books. This should be noted that you have to cancel before they automatically start charging. I cancelled by calling the customer service number and was told to refuse the shipment and they will then refund.

  15. Sandra collins says

    You guy charged me $25.99 to my card I didn’t approve that charge i want my money back

  16. Larry Bryant says

    I’ve been trying to unsubscribe for 3 weeks now it would not let me and it took $31 off my card I need it back

  17. I’m trying to cancel they just took 27$ out of my account that wasn’t authorized. This is not right, I got the free books last week and haven’t had time to cancel and they already took my money,

  18. I would like a refund for this I account, all I wanted was the 2 sample books free for $1 shipping. I did not give you permission to charge me the $27.00 for whatever you charged my account for. If I do not receive or hear from you soon, I have an appointment tomorrow to see my banker, and I will stop payment, and get my money back one way or another. I don’t think it’s right that you charge unknowing victims for things they did not order.

  19. Emma Gooden says

    I did not give permission to take money from my account I want my money back I need a refund asap please and thank you I will take further actions if its not refunded to my account.

  20. Carlito Miclat says

    Cancel my trial membership and all my membership please my name is Carlito Miclat thank you and please don’t charge my credit card thank you

  21. Juliet Bacchus says

    I did not give permission to take money off my card i need my money back my name is Juliet Bacchus

  22. Elizabeth Garland says

    I need to unsubscribe so I don’t get charged can anyone help

  23. Lidia Avalos Ramos says

    I’m trying to cancel they just took 27$ out of my account that wasn’t authorized. This is not right, I got the free books last week and haven’t had time to cancel and they already took my money,

  24. I ordered two books for a $1 I don’t want any more money taken off my card after those two books I want to no longer be a part of this unsubscribe me from this site. Talking about 13 a month if I don’t how do I ?

  25. Tonya Brown says

    I thought I canceled my subscription but it charged my account and put it in the negative balance…if it is not canceled please cancel and I dont want the books

  26. Tiffany Kinchen says

    I need to unsubscribe my card has been charged an my kids got ahold to this an purchased this without my consent

  27. Everyone commenting on this website, companies like this NEED to be reported to the Better Business Bureau as well as the Federal Trade Commission!!!! These companies CANNOT get away with doing this to people time and time again. I’ve been fighting with them for over a month and a half trying to get my money back for a subscription that I canceled. They removed $27 and they said they’d be willing to refund me $1.10. Totally absurd!!!! Seriously, retort them!!!!

  28. They took 26 of my dollars without telling me out of my bank account I don’t know how they got my info

  29. It did the same thing to me my kids ordered it and I didn’t know about it

  30. This book company is bogus! They try to offer you 2 books for $1 just to get your card information, and continuously charge your card.


  32. Karena A Mason says

    I received my 2 books for $1 but wasn’t told anything else and was charged $26 and haven’t even received anything. I emailed and cancelled my subscription but they said that my “order” was already sent out and they couldn’t refund my money. Still haven’t received anything else from them. I have no idea what I even paid $26 for or what to look out for and sorry not paying that much for a book I don’t even know about when I could read what I want online for.99¢.

  33. I want to cancel

  34. Starla Smith says

    I am trying to cancel my subscription and the the website people are giving us is not pulling up to cancel it. If anybody can help that would be amazing.

  35. Lance McMahan says

    888 965 8737. Is the number on my credit card statement I called and was able to cancel my subscription

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