Oprah’s OWNers Sticker Pack – 1st 10,000

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The first 10,000 to sign up will receive Limited Edition OWNers Stickers! ¬†They look like they have cute sayings on them…so if that’s something you would like, get signed up before they run out!



  1. Dale Must says

    I don’t get cable anymore as it’s too expensive on my fixed income. I listen to music and read instead. A book tells what the characters are thinking. I hope thinking isn’t passe’. Thank you for getting people to read. You and Harry Potter started the new trend.

  2. Karen Kalman says

    I am a big user of stickers and would love to have these.

  3. Cathy Warner says

    Can always use stickers!

  4. Happysensei says

    Hello! This is cool stuff!!!

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