Dr. Oz Giveaway – Free Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream – 1st 5,000 at Noon!

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The first 5,000 people to sign up at NOON EST TODAY will receive a will receive a coupon redeemable for a FREE a 16oz jar of Eucerin Advanced Repair Cream courtesy of Dr. Oz!



  1. Kristina Grant says

    My husband has eczema. And nothing seems to work! We pray Eucerin will help

  2. Looking forward to trying it!

  3. Thank you Eucerin and Dr O

  4. I love ❤️ eurcerin body cream.

  5. Free coupon for Eucerin

  6. Joan Roberts says

    My skin is so dry it cracks.

  7. Cory Beale says

    It’s the best lotion in the world.

  8. Ralph curtis says

    Skin is so dry and youth room makes it so it’s not dry at all

  9. I love it

  10. Darcy Shilling says

    Thats a bummer it was an old show that was on today. I really could use Eucerin for my skin. I dont have extra money for myself because my kids come first. Maybe I’ll catch it on another day! Love your show

    • There is a giveaway tomorrow not today…this is the post from their January giveaway…I have a new post prepped to go live tomorrow!

  11. Donna Lucier says

    Looking forward to trying it out! Spent lots of time and money at the Dermatologist!

  12. Jean M. Deane says

    Looking forward to trying this to see if it works on my very itchy skin.

  13. The give away in Jan, I was sent a coupon that was expired….expired even before the give away was posted!

  14. Janette
    My skin breaks out in large red circle and is itches

  15. I’ve use Eucerin for years and it’s the best on the market

  16. Mary Anne Mariana says

    My Son and I have really dry and patchy hands and would like to try the Eucerin.

  17. Angela R Sheffield says

    Thanks. Dr. Oz and i can’t wait to try Eucerin .

  18. Regina Giles says

    Looking forward to trying the free Eurcerin!

  19. I cannot wait to try the Eurcerin cream!!

  20. Rachelle Kirshenbaum says

    My skin is so dry.
    Want to try the Eucerin cream!!!

  21. NonaLee Ledford says

    Winter is rough on our skin! Would love to try Eucerin!

  22. Phyllis Bramhall says

    I am anxious to try this product to help my dry skin.

  23. Linda Patton says

    I received one of the product coupons but have been told by Target, Walmart, and Walgreens that they can’t accept the coupon for a free product. Has anyone had any success redeeming their coupon?

  24. No I’ve tried at cvs and they wouldn’t accept it either.

  25. Jennifer Nicholas says

    I need this creme. My skin is horribly dry & itchy.

  26. Jennifer nicholas says

    I have bad dry skin & itchy. Thank you Dr. Oz. Hope it helps.

  27. Sandra Quinteros says

    Thanks Dr. Oz love your show and would like to try the Eucerin cream for dry skin body and face . Thank You 🙏🌟🙏🤗

    • Gayle Tillman says

      My daughter had eczema severe, would scratch and nothing there to scratch and she scratched til it would bleed, Parents and kids were so cruel. Scared of my 5 year old, we tried everything Nd nothing worked, she would be on medication every 3 months, was a nite mare. Also had asthma which usually goes with it.She has out grown some of it , but still has flare ups a lot.
      Gayle Tillman

  28. Carolyn Edwards says

    Extremely good product for dry skin

  29. Hyacinth Bowen says

    Doctor Oz, I watch your show every day and am grateful for all the guests and stories you cover. Blessed is the pure in heart! Matthew 5 vs 8 Even though it’s a TV show, you really are trustworthy.

  30. Angelica Villareal says

    Trying to get coupon for loation its not allowing me to click thanks for your help

  31. I would love to try this skin cream because, I have very very dry skin. I put cream on my face and my ski looks dry soon as I just applied my
    face cream. My entire body has dry skin

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