Cat’s Pride Fresh and Light Challenge

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Introducing the Cat’s Pride Fresh & Light Challenge on Dailybreak!  Complete the challenge and you’ll be entered to win a $100 Visa Gift Card grand prize or a box of Cat’s Pride Cat Litter!  When you enter, you’ll automatically receive a Cat’s Pride coupon!  Unfortunately, this is limited to the following states: NY, MA, PA, CT, ME, and RI — so if this is you click the banner above to enter and get your coupon!



  1. Click on what banner above?

    • The picture above where it says “Start Playing Now”.

      • Aha. It doesn’t show up in the Chrome browser. Aargh. It does show up in Internet Explorer 10.

        • It’s funny how some of these things work differently in certain browsers. I have a the same difficulties where certain offers work in IE and not Chrome, but then the vice versa too! I have IE, Chrome, and Firefox on my computer just for those strange instances!

          • I have those browsers also, pretty much for the same reason, but I didn’t check them with the link above.
            I also just added Comodo Dragon browser (free) which operates on the same platform as the Chrome browser. It is a little different.

  2. Why is the rest of the country not included. I live in AZ and I know this brand is sold out here. Having 3 cats could really use kitty litter coupons

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