Box Tops For Education – 5 Free Box Tops for Your School!

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Just a reminder about this…there are just a few more days left!  I also wanted to make a note of an effort you might have already heard about…If you have not done this yet, or maybe you weren’t planning on doing so because you really didn’t know of a school, I’d like to echo a suggestion.  Many of you might have heard about the devastating tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma – most notably destroying a couple schools.  One of those schools, Plaza Towers Elementary participates in the Box Tops for Education program. Consider sending the 5 free box tops to them.  Just enter the zip code 73160 and select the school…it just takes a couple of seconds.  It might not seem like much, but even the small efforts can add up to something huge!  And please spread the word!

Head over to the Box Tops For Education Facebook page and claim 5 FREE Box Tops for your school! There are over 5 million up for grabs, so be sure to share this on your Facebook page too so that your school can collect even more!  It’s super easy (though for this one, you need to make sure you are accessing it on computer) – just select your school and they get 5 Box Tops!  There’s even a ranking to show how your school compares to others in your area for this promotion!  So get the word out and and get your school to the top of that list!

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