P&G Printable Coupons

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I am SUPER excited about this!  P&G now offers printable coupons right on their website!  Just head over to the P&G site and either log in or register and then click the coupon button located at the top right!  In my opinion, they are a BETTER value than what is provided in the Sunday Inserts!  Not to mention so convenient!  There are currently over $15 worth of coupons available – go check it out!



  1. REally enjoyed all your coupons… helps a lot!

  2. Beverly Sojka says

    I tried to register but it wouldn’t let me put in household number or go beyond that.

    • I would contact P&G and see if they can help determine why it won’t go beyond that. It sounds like it is very much an issue on their end. Good Luck!

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