Hopster Coupons and Target Deals!

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I’m still totally intrigued by Hopster coupons, can you tell?  But who wouldn’t be when you have the power to boost your coupon value!?  Check out a few notable Target Deals:

$1.00 off any one (1) box of Monkey Bars granola bars. 4 flavors to choose from.
(The Price Cut is valid through 6/29!)

50¢ off of any one (1) Bar Keepers Friend® Cleanser 12 or 21 oz

60¢ Off of any one (1) 4-pack or 12-pack of GoGo squeeZ
(The 4pk GoGo Squeez is priced $2.29, but the 12pk is easily the better deal!)

Remember, these are just the starting values of these coupons…you have the power to boost the values and make it an even better deal!


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