Back To School Coupons & Savings

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Back-to-school shopping is in full swing and the list of coupons and offers available has grown!  (I’ve added a few and taken away a few, so even if you’ve checked out the list before, you might look again just to be sure!)  Here’s what is currently available:

$1.50 off 2 Bic Stationary Products (enter sweeps to get the coupon)
$2 off $10 Post-It Super Sticky Note Purchase
$1 off $4 Post-It Full Adhesive Note Purchase
$.50 Scotch Pop-up Tape Dispenser or Refill
$1 On any Uni-ball BLX 3 pack or Larger
5% wyb any Elmer’s Glue Sticks, School Glue or Glue All Savings Star Deposit
10% wyb any Elmer’s Foam Board Saving Star Deposit
$1 off 1 Dixon Ticonderoga w/ Prang purchase
$.75 off Infinity Permanent Writing Tools
$2 off any 1 Five Star Binder Including Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder
$2 off any Swingline Stapler purchase of $10 or more
$2 off any 2 Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper
$1 off 2 Five Star products, including Student Planning
$1 off any Rubbermaid Lunchblox Lunch Bag
$2 off 1 LunchBlox or Lunchblox Kids Lunch Kit
$1 off 1 Rubbermaid Hydration Bottle
$.50 off any 1 Prang Watercolor
$1 on 1 FriXion Erasable pen 2 Pack or Higher
$1 on 1 Acroball PureWhite or Colors 2 Pack or Higher

These coupons are coming and going quickly…so print what you need as soon as you can!


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