PinchMe – Request Samples to Review

Pinch Me
PinchMe is a relatively new sampling program — you get to choose what samples are sent to you absolutely FREE (no shipping either!) and once you try them you comeback review them.  The more you interact with PinchMe the more opportunities you will have.  (Please note, that not everyone will have the same samples…the samples offered to you are based on the information you provide them when you sign up.)

This is my very first experience with them.  I had the 2 samples shown above offered to me.  I’m excited to see how this works!



  1. thank you for finding this for us.

  2. Tiffany B. says:

    I signed up today and was offered both of those samples pictured above, but they were both sold out! Bummer 🙁 maybe next time I can get in on some of their samples! Thanks for the post!

    • Darn! 🙁 Hopefully they will be adding more soon! It looks rather promising and I’m excited to see how it goes!

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