My Coke Rewards – Double Points on Select 12-Packs

MCR double points
Last day!!  And December 1st starts the 12 days of Christmas rewards…if they are as good as they were last year, the double points are going to come in handy!

Head over to My Coke Rewards and enter your codes from any Diet Coke, Coke Zero, or red Coca-Cola 12-packs and you’ll get DOUBLE point from now through November 29th!  What a great way to boost your points balance before the 12 Days of Christmas rewards that kicks off December 1st!!



  1. Sue Dorsett says:

    Thanks for finally getting reward points on Tab 12 packs. I use almost 3- 12 packs a week but just found in the first ever code in the container. Now we Tab drinkers are not the orphan step-child in the Coca Cola family anymore.

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