Enjoy a Burger KingWhopper for just 1¢!

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Don’t forget this ends on Wednesday!  If you haven’t taken advantage of it yet, you’ll want to do so!!

What’s for dinner?  Well, if you’re near a McDonald’s and a Burger King, it could be a Whopper for just 1¢!  Yeah, you read that correctly!  Download the Burger King App and head to your local McDonald’s.  (Make sure your location is ON!) When you’re within 600 feet of it, you should get an offer from the App to get a Whopper for just 1¢!  Turn that car around and head to Burger King to redeem your offer.  Your order must be placed within one hour of unlocking the offer and picked up within one hour of placing the order.  It’s happening now through December 12th.


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