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Enjoy a FREE subscription to Real Simple Magazine courtesy of Rewards Gold! Simply fill out the form and complete the survey — you will receive your magazine subscription in 8-10 weeks…maybe sooner!



  1. Pamela Liberto says:

    What if u move before I get magazine?!

    • I think as long as you get the first issue, the label would have your customer number on it and then you can log on to the publisher’s website and update your mailing address to move it with you. In some cases, you can make changes without that number too…it’s just easier with it.

  2. Really this is free magazine? And it doesn’t cost is it because we have signed up with this site?

    • It is when you sign up through the link for Rewards Gold. Nothing on this website comes directly from me. FamilySavings is free blog that leads you to the nice deals, samples, coupons, etc. We don’t have a sign up process or membership…just a newsletter to keep you updated!

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