– New Validations Process & What It Means for You

Well, you may have already noticed some of the changes happening on  Gone are the days of downloading their coupon printer software!  Now when you print your first coupon on any device, you will go through a one-time authentication process. This process will confirm your device by sending a one-time use code via SMS (text message). You will receive a six-digit code to enter in order to validate your device. Once verified, your coupons will print.  It’s been out since October of 2016, but you used to be able to skip it…now you’ll have to complete the process.

There is a BIG drawback!  It’s that you can only print two coupons per registered and valid cell phone number.  You may no longer print from your computer and your smartphone app as they will likely be connected through the same number.  Now if you have multiple cell phones in your home, keep this new process in mind and as the validation requirement comes up on your comp!  (That’s why I’m telling you this now!) Connect your computers (assuming you have more than one) using your different cell phone numbers.  For example, my smartphone app and my laptop are validated with a text on my phone number.  Our other laptop, I will have to remember to validate with a text sent to hubby’s cell phone number.  This will allow me 2 prints on my app OR laptop AND 2 prints on the other laptop.

Remember, this is a one-time text validation.  They don’t recontact you one they sent the single text. So if you have teens that have their own cell phone and do a lot of talking but not a lot of couponing, you might find help there as well.

Having said that, you need to also be aware that pre-packaged prepaid mobile phones from non-major wireless providers such as Tracfone, Net10, Consumer Cellular or any government issued prepaid phones are excluded from this verification process.  That means you won’t be able to validate your account and be able to print the coupons.  (Through I have heard from Tracfone users that it has worked…so if you have one, you might just try and see.)

Fine and dandy, but what if you don’t have a mobile phone with text?  According to the website, you can verify your computer with a landline if you call the support team at 1-888-910-1457. A recorded message asks you to leave your name, phone number and email address, and a customer service representative will call you back “within one business day” in the order that requests are received, with your verification code. Once you enter the code, you can print as before without having to go through the verification process again.

Yeah, I know that’s a lot and I’m still trying to process the information myself and what that means for being able to print coupons and score nice deals.  If you need assistance, they do have a help page here.

So…thoughts?  Personally, I’m disappointed because I liked having the ability to print more than just 2 coupons. After all, most coupons are noted with “limit of 4 like coupons” and 4 always worked nicely with a lot of the deals in helping you reach the EB, RR, or Gift Card thresholds.  I am fortunate to have hubby’s phone number to help me validate, but I have to remember which computer I’m on when it pops up as I go to print coupons.  I know the coupon printer software was a hassle, but I liked the per device route better than the per valid phone number.



  1. Leslie Hunter says:

    I have had great success with the new system. I get a dialog box pop-up so I am allowed to change the number of printings I want (no more just 2 printings of a coupon from any one site). I have printed at least 4 of any one coupon at one time!

    • Huh? You lost me! Is it a dialog box from or the print preview for your printer?

      The new system does open a print preview for me on the computer and while technically you could change the number of copies printed through that, it’s still just a single valid coupon. It would be like you’re copying it by printing multiple copies. The veri-fi numbers would be the exact same and therefore illegal.

      Through the App, I don’t even have a message of any sort. It just sends it directly to my wireless printer.

  2. I do not like the new system. The previous system worked just fine and without issues like other coupon printing sites have, like RedPlum coupons that will not print out right no matter what I’ve tried and if anyone has any solutions, please let me know.
    As far as the new system, I do not like having to wait a day or two for a phone call (we already get too many of the robo/automated/sales calls, etc.) and then maybe missing the verification code call from or using my basic Tracfone cell phone, which the code is sent right away but does use up minutes.
    **** NOTE: I have used both verification ways and they have worked but only one time! Without checking yet with, I think that certain security/safety procedures or steps that you have set up or use definitely affects the new system from being a one-time verification. For instance, if you clear your history, cache, cookies, etc… which I like to do to keep my puter clean, clearer, safer, and running better…… you will have to re-do your verification every time which is a royal couponing pain! 🙁

    • Wow! It’s suppose to be a one time and one time only to verify! I would be unhappy about that too! But you’re probably right on with the security/safety. It’s like it’s forgetting it. Have you checked the help page to see if they offer any suggestions for that?

      Redplum can be wishy washy with me too…it only works on one browser for me and that’s Firefox. I’m a Chrome user, but I keep Firefox on my comp just for the Redplum coupons. Never had any luck with it on Explorer either. (Redplum has been testing the whole process of printing coupons from a mobile device to a wireless printer, so I think that’s the next step we’ll see from them.)

      • Yep, when you clear your computer history, cache, cookies, etc… I’d say they use tracking cookies or something and if cleared their system setup is cleared too so you have to do it over again…. and no, there isn’t anything regarding that in their help or FAQ’s but there should be or they should at least give you a specific personal code for you and your computer/printer and a place to enter it anytime you need to. I tried entering one of my codes for a different attempt and it was invalid so the code you are given is only good for one time.
        With RedPlum, I have used Internet Explorer in the past and currently use Firefox…. I’ve tried trouble shooting and I am able to print out the coupon, but with every attempt the coupon was only partially printed with a tier of the same coupon over it cascading down the whole page. I contacted them several times, sent them a copy showing them the problem, etc. and never have received a response or solution so I just gave up. It’s really weird and frustrating because there are some really good coupons thru them sometimes.
        With all the ongoing technology changes with computers, printers, smartphones…. and consumers still using their older systems along with those who update and use the newer technology, that all the programmers and website professionals would work out all the bugs, glitches, and issues to make everything compatible and functional for everyone.
        Oh well, I’ll just keep trying to do what I can to be able to use some coupons and save some money. Thanks for your reply.

  3. Tell me what us that don’t use “smart” phones are supposed to do?

    • Well, they are really like mini computers with all they can do. Read/write emails, surf the net, play games, etc. Like with the App, I’m basically seeing the same coupons as online…I just scroll through and pick the ones I want and print. (with a wireless printer) I think smartphones are becoming more common than laptops these days. As far as the validation process goes, you don’t need a smartphone for that, you just need to have text capabilities. The code the will send to validate is via text message.

    • Karl, I don’t have a smartphone but I have used both of the verification methods….. you can use your regular landline phone and call them and they will call you back in a day or two with your verification code that you need to enter to be able to print out coupons….. or you can enter a cell phone number ( I just have a basic cell phone ) and they immediately send you a text message with the verification code. Hope you can get the new system working for you so you can print out coupons.

  4. I had problems too. Every time I go in to print coupons it wants me to reinstall the new system and send me a new text message. I haven’t cleared anything on my computer. Literally printed a coupon, then 5 minutes later when I went to print some more, it made me go through it all again. The next day, same thing

  5. I hate this system. I can never get a code until the next day and then when I try it ,it won’t work. Give me the software back. With this I can’t print any coupons from any site. It’s useless for me.

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